25 Great Habits To Get Into


  1. ) Watch the sunset at least once a week.
  2. ) Tell yourself something kind in the mirror every morning when brushing your teeth.
  3. ) Clean out your car when you get gas.
  4. ) Ask for help when you need it.
  5. ) Leave your bedroom with laundry in hand every morning.
  6. ) Save 10% of your paycheck every month.
  7. ) Find time for prayer / devotion every single day.
  8. ) Admit when you’re wrong, but don’t apologize for yourself when you’re not.
  9. ) Take your vitamins.
  10. ) Go for a walk after dinner.
  11. ) Put a glass of water by your bed every night before you go to sleep.
  12. ) Pay for the drive through order behind you when you can.
  13. ) Trust your gut.
  14. ) Eat leftovers. Makes for a cleaner kitchen.
  15. ) Write down anything you schedule.
  16. ) If you get something out, put it back immediately after using it.
  17. ) Learn to take constructive criticism.
  18. ) Floss after brushing.
  19. ) Clean out your closet often and donate the clothes you never wear.
  20. ) Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. You only get one body.
  21. ) Put back one new bad food choice at the grocery store each trip, aim to eventually get rid of them all.
  22. ) Write stuff down when you think of it.
  23. ) Look at your planner before you look at your phone.
  24. ) Keep your goals, both short and long term, written down somewhere you’ll see them daily.
  25. ) Call your mom.

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