11 Things You Should Know About Getting Engaged

Getting Engaged

So he recently popped the question huh? THAT’S FANTASTIC! You are overwhelmed with excitement, ready to go full force into planning mode, busted out your workout clothes, and can’t wait to change your Facebook name to his. But wait a second, what’s all this unexpected stuff thats happening?

1.) You probably won’t have your nails done.

You have imagined this day your entire life. ‘Where will it be? What will I be wearing? Will someone be there to take photos? Will my hair and nails be done?’ Well, more than likely for the element of surprise, it won’t be right after a fresh manicure. Rest assured though, you will still be overly-in-love with the way your left hand looks. Chipped nails or not, you won’t be able to stop looking at it.

2.) Everyone suddenly becomes professional wedding planners, offering wanted (& sometimes unwanted) advice.

You’ll begin hearing lots and lots of tips, suggestions and ideas on what to do on your big day. You will have a very wide variety of foods on your wedding menu (and an expensive catering bill) if you try to make everyones appetites happy. While everyone is just trying to help, stay true to your wedding dreams. After all, this is YOUR big day. Accept everyones thoughts kindly and thank them for the time they took to try and help you out. More than likely someone is bound to give you a good idea you hadn’t thought of yet.

3.) You will be asked the wedding date, time and place before you’re even close to deciding it.

Sure, maybe you’ve had it in your head that you want a summer beach wedding or a fall wedding in the mountains, but to pick THE BIGGEST DATE of your life is not a hasty decision. Although most may realize this, they still will anxiously ask- more than likely out of excitement. Come up with a general answer to give everyone, ‘We haven’t picked specifics yet but we like the idea of _______’.

4.) Weddings are EXPENSIVE.

Maybe you’ve been saving for this day since y’all realized y’all were pretty serious, maybe you have generous parents who will pay for it, or maybe you’re hoping to just pay as you go. You’ll soon realize that weddings are expensive. Catering, seating, decorations, cakes, dresses, music, the list goes on and on.  A couple hundred bucks isn’t going to cut it. And if you want to go with modern society’s standards, a couple THOUSAND bucks wont cut it. Try not to get too wrapped up in the costs of things. Remember the reason for the day. Friends and family will think that the words you’re exchanging with each other are more beautiful than anything else. Look at areas where you can cut costs and be flexible. You don’t have to break the bank for a nice wedding.

5.) You’ll have to tell your engagement story over and over again. 

This probably won’t be a problem since it was such a wonderful day, but you may feel like a broken record. After a month or so you’ll more than likely have told it 9,304,192 times and won’t have a single pause or ‘um’ in there. It’ll be like reciting the pledge of allegiance. Give everyone enthusiasm when telling it, even though you know it cover to cover they’re super excited to hear it.

6.) Picking bridesmaids is hard. 

You’ve had your list of girls since you were in middle school. Well that leaves out all the friends you’ve met through college, your career, girlfriends of your fiance’s friends, etc. If you include all of your ‘best’ girlfriends you’d have a bridal party bigger than a baseball team. You don’t want anyone to feel left out, but remember true friends will be understanding about the situation and excited for you and your big day regardless of where they’re standing or sitting.

7.) Your relationship will change. For the better of course.

After living together for years now, maybe even with baby like us (we like to mix up the order of life a bit), you are used to what seems like the ‘married life’ and you probably already feel like an old couple at times. Once you’re engaged though you start to feel those warm and fuzzies all over again. Maybe it’s looking at that beautiful rock on your hand everyday to remind you of your commitment to each other, or maybe it’s all the wedding and honeymoon talk that has y’all excited and mushy. After that special day you’ll start to notice more frequent butterflies again like that first month of dating.

8.) Your Pinterest board will be really hard to re-create. 

You have this whole wedding planned out to the last minor detail, all thanks to Pinterest. Well, let me break it to you, if you were to really use everything you saw on Pinterest you’d more than likely file bankruptcy (go back to #4). You also probably won’t find a venue that will be capable of hanging every decoration you’ve pinned, strung all the variations of lights you like, do all of the different options of rose petal aisles, and cater all of the different dishes that looked good. Use it as a basis of colors and ideas but don’t get disappointed when you realize that you can’t recreate all of these dream weddings into one.

9.) Don’t worry about the weather.

It’s impossible to predict the weather. Especially in Texas. If you can, try and find a venue that offers both an indoor/outdoor site that could be used JUST IN CASE the rain decides to come on your big day. It’s easy to let little things like that stress you out but just try to remember it’s out of your control and will probably be okay. 

10.) Your fiance probably won’t care about the little stuff.

Don’t get offended by his reaction when you show him the marsala and soft pink peonies that you want mixed in with white roses and burgundy Celosia’s. It’s not that he doesn’t care about all of your great ideas, it’s just that he doesn’t care about colors and flowers. Naturally, as a man, all he’s worried about is seeing his beautiful woman strolling down that aisle to him. He will like whatever you pick, which is why he’s marrying you. Clearly he likes your taste in just about everything.

11.) Don’t forget the reason of it all. 

As a soon-to-be bride I can say first hand, it is easy to get caught up in the wrong part of the wedding. You want so badly this Pinterest-perfect day with every last detail just right, but don’t forget why you’re having that day to begin with. You are committing yourself with God to the love of your life and it doesn’t matter what type of arch you’re standing under and what flowers you held to walk towards him. It really doesn’t even matter what kind of dress you’re wearing, what matters is that the two of you are joining together as one with God. You’ll look back and remember the way he smiled with tears when you said ‘I do’ or that wonderful kiss.

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