Mama, slow down.

slow down

As a mama you know, there are easy nights for bedtime & there are HARD nights for bedtime. Last night was a hard one. Crib training this late in the game is not a cake walk, but we figured it’s better to start now than try when she’s 5.

This mama was tired, and felt sweaty and gross from that evening’s workout. All I wanted was a shower, to cuddle up with Matt and watch some church before bed. I was getting so frustrated after mutiple failed attempts of getting her to sleep, it seemed like it was going to take all night. It didn’t occured to me to ‘slow down, take all of this in’ until I found myself laying in her crib with her and snuggling her to sleep like I do in our own bed. The thoughts started pouring through my mind and overwhelmed me with emotions. I thought to myself-

‘One day she is going to be 18 years old, sleeping in her bed at home for the last night before she leaves off to college. Enjoy this tiring night in her crib with her. Let her feel you there. Let her physically need you next to her to fall asleep.

Because one day, you will physically need her there. You will want to go crawl into bed with her to sing her to sleep. You will want to feel her tiny hand wrapped around you finger as she slips into her dreams. You will want her to put her hands on your face and look you in the directly into her sleepy eyes until they shut. You will want to kiss her soft cheeks before saying your final goodnight.’ 

Mama, slow down.

Remember how it seemed as if you just saw them for the first time on the glorious day of their birth? I know all of us feel as if the months that have passed since then happened in a blink of an eye. It’s so easy to breeze through your days of cleaning, feeding, playing, cooking and putting to sleep. It’s easy to feel so exhausted that you wish that it was 8:30 already and time to go to bed. Take your time with them, breathe through the hard moments, look them in their sweet faces and tell yourself ‘I’m going to blink and they won’t be tiny anymore.’ You may feel that they are being ‘clingy’ or ‘difficult’ but one day that will be you, holding on as tight as you can as they’re slowing growing into the independent person they are destined to be.

Embrace all of it mama, soak it in completely and I promise you’ll thank me later.


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