Turn Productive Days Into A Productive LIFE

We’ve all had those days. The days where as soon as your head leaves the pillow and your feet hit the floor you’re doing all the things. You know, you have a solid breakfast, you make the phone calls you’ve been putting off, you check off the entire list in a timely manner and you just feel so accomplished. You go to bed feeling content and can’t help but wonder…

Dang, who am I?

Fast forward to the next morning… *snooze alarm*, dragging butt out of bed, cold coffee, no breakfast, running late, UGH! Why we do we have to lose our groove when just the day before it was all going so well? Friends, let me tell you a secret. You can keep that mojo going. There’s no secret tip or magic potion to consistent productivity. It simply takes a little pre-planning, an open mind, and self-discipline.

I’m not writing this post to tell you how to live your life. I am however, here to share as many tangible tips with you as I can to help you de-stress and live a little more structured life overall. And as a little side note here- let’s get one thing clear… My life is far from stress-free and 100% structured. I have lived through life transformations myself and still have so much growing to do. Just because I am not living the perfect life doesn’t mean I can’t share my thoughts and experiences on how to enhance your own. Well, what’re we waiting for…

Let’s dig right in!

  1. Get enough rest. Sleep is crucial to your productivity. Nobody functions at their full potential when they are mentally and physically exhausted. Start with your bedtime. Give up that half hour of scrolling time on social media at night and start catching Zzz’s quicker. Turn off the TV (talking to myself here) and get some rest
  2. Incorporate Prayer Into Your Day. This can be first thing in the morning (when I prefer), when it’s the most quiet, calm part of the day. It can be before you eat. It can be in bed at night. In the car, the shower, on the loo. It doesn’t matter where you pray, it just matters that you get that one on one time with God. Releasing all of your thoughts, hopes, dreams, worries and woes to God is such a breath of fresh air. Some of you come home from work and think “I’m so stressed I need a drink.” (Or the gym, or a bubble bath or any form of stress reliever you prefer). No y’all, you need Jesus. Yup, just like that cute little saying that went around, ya need Him. And once you start just simply having those little chats with him daily, His presence will take over your entire life and fill your mind with peace, happiness and guidance through anything life hands you. 
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast. I don’t need to say much here except click this link for ideas on great morning fuel. Much like gasoline in a car, food is the fuel for your body. What you put in it MATTERS. Foods will determine your energy levels, heart health and overall focus. Sugars, processed foods, and simple carbs will cause you to feel lethargic. When you get full off of non-nutritious foods you’re going to feel so blah
  4. Weed Out Negative People From Your Life. This is a tough one. The people we spend the vast majority of our time with will ultimately influence our minds and hearts. If you’re surrounded by negative, unsupportive people, on top of feeling drained and discouraged, you’re likely to become one of them. When I say negative people, I mean the ones who aren’t bringing anything beneficial to you or your life. If many of the conversations you have with someone are centered around talking down upon others and even upon themselves, that should be a red flag. These people are the ones who aren’t always encouraging about the positive things you have and are working towards in your life. You want uplifting, radiant lights of people playing on your team. Anyone else can be benched. It’s not always easy to recognize the toxicity in a relationship you’re in. It’s easy to overlook those characteristics in someone who you really care about. But it’s crucial to learn to see these things so that you can prevent from falling into the traps set by the negativity that comes with it. You can start with yourself. Encourage your spouse to follow their dreams, support them through their difficult endeavours, and be exactly who they need to help them prosper in their goals. Pray for success in your friends and colleagues lives. Encourage those around you when they feel stuck in a rut. Help your loved ones in any way you can to prosper in all ways they aspire to. When it comes to friendships… surround yourself with like-minded people who understand and work towards similar life goals. Just like the saying goes “you become most like the five people that you surround yourself with.” Habits, quirks, views, even sometimes personalities can be picked up from the friends you interact with most and change your entire being. If you frequently make phone calls or visits to family members who never seem to support what you’re working towards, it’s okay to make those less frequent. It doesn’t mean you stop loving them, it doesn’t mean you’re cutting them out of your life. It simply means you love yourself enough to grow through this period with a little less them. If you find that you are surrounded by people who don’t understand, encourage or support your dreams for the future, it may be time to kindly and lovingly continue on with life without them. Yes, it is 100% okay to move into a new season of life and leave old relationships behind. Don’t feel guilty for not holding yourself back in spite of someone else’s negative opinion of your dreams. That’s the wonderful thing about this life. WE GET TO CHOOSE HOW WE WANT TO LIVE IT.  Surround yourself with those who only want to see you succeed and backs you fully on your endeavors. Be around those who ultimately hopes for, prays over and wishes the best for you. Not anyone else. THOSE are the people you want on your team. 
  5. Set Aside Time For Y O U. If you have littles, I recommend waking up 30-45 minutes earlier than them to have some peace and quiet. I know, you’re all rolling your eyes at me right now. This was a struggle I worked through as well until it became something that I looked forward to. 45 minutes of fresh coffee, PRAYER, silence, podcasts, your favorite songs, reading, and planning/scheduling/reviewing your to-do’s. I promise this alone time will renew your mental sanity and benefit you in so many ways you didn’t even know you needed. And for my mama’s out there, remember that one of the best ways to be a great mama is to take care of yourself first.
  6. Write Out Your Schedule. First things first. Go to TJ Maxx and pick out the cutest planner you can find. I prefer the kind with both full month calendars and lined space for each day in the month. This allows an overview of the entire month as well as detailed notes for those busier days. Making the time to write out upcoming events, appointments and important tasks can be life changing. You can keep it simple or you can be as detailed as you’d like. Simply writing out all of your bills and when they’re due is a great start. Add in appointments, meetings, and events and you’ll always be prepared for what’s to come. If you’re like me, you may even add in your meals, workouts, things you need from the store… you get the gist. Don’t think that you’re adding too little or too much because it is YOUR planner.
  7. Get Active and STAY Active. Your health is literally the most fundamental factor in your quality of life. How productive you are overall kind of gravitates back to how well you take care of yourself. Many of us have what can be considered as sedentary “jobs”. Which means, we get in little movement or activity to increase our heart rates throughout the day. Whether we’re behind a desk for 8 hours or at home with little ones many of us fall into this category. I recommend spending 30 minutes to 1 hour of each of your days getting active and increasing your heart rate. Think about the time you spend outside of work on your phone, in front of the TV, or just sitting there. You can find a way to exercise in many different ways. Go for a walk around the neighborhood. “But I have kids, I can’t get away.” Take those babes WITH YOU! More than likely they’ll enjoy it. If the gym is your place, GO! If there is one thing you simply cannot argue with, it is investing your time and money in a membership all about bettering your health. Try and tell me something worth more than spending $20-$40 on. And lastly, my sales pitch for the blog- WORKOUT AT HOME! Click on my Fitness Programs + Meal Guides (Click that link) for a 5 week / 5 day program that can be done in the comfort of your own home! Side Note- I do also offer 5 week / 5 day IN GYM programs as well that can be found in that link. Your health determines your life. The healthiest version of you creates the best mom/dad/boss/employee/grandparent you can be. Taking care of yourself means you can take care of those you love the best you can. 

I hope you were able to take at least one thing from a list that works wonders for me to incorporate into your own lives. Growing into adulthood gets crazy. Messy even. Becoming the most productive, motivated, successful versions of ourselves is possible, we just need a little nudge on the caboose to get us on track.

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