Fitness Programs + Meal Guides

I’m in the market for helping women enhance their overall health, wellness and body image.

My guides are designed to help everyone reach their individual goals through a mix of weight training & cardio and healthy, nutritious foods (no, you do not have to give up 1,000’s of calories per day).

I offer 5 week / 5 day programs for both In-Gym and At-Home exercises. Each day should take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The In-Gym guide will require you utilize all of the equipment most gyms carry. This includes benches, dumbbells, barbells, smith machines/squat racks, and cables. If for some reason your gym does not offer a machine necessary, simply email me the exercise you’re unable to perform and I will send an alternative.

The At-Home guide simply requires a set of Light-Heavy resistance bands and a set of dumbbells (preferably 5 lb. & 10/12 lb.). These exercises are designed to be performed in a home setting and furniture can be used for each exercise.

Along with the purchase of a guide, which comes in the form of a downloadable PDF, you will be added to an exclusive Facebook Group which offers support, motivation and a sense of “community” among other women who are trying to achieve the same goals. In this group you will also have access to demonstration videos of each workout in the guides. There is one video for the At-Home program and one for the In-Gym program. They each go in the exact order of the guide and I have made a post on the Facebook page of the exact times each day starts on the video so that you can easily jump to the day you need.

I also offer a Meal Guide which offers a detailed grocery list of all acceptable healthy grocery items for reference when looking to clean up your fridge and pantry. It also includes a quick explanation of how calories are made up and what proteins, carbs and fats are and how they are used as fuel in your body. On top of that, I include 6 healthy options and recipes for each meal of the day. That’s 6 healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas for you to use to better your eating habits. I also include 6 acceptable cheat meals at everyone’s favorite fast-food places.

Lastly, I offer a Macronutrient Guide which breaks down YOUR specific macros you should be consuming per day. A brief explanation macronutrients are simply the grams of protein, fats, and carbohydrates you consume in your daily calories. I go over the entire calculation process and how / why I am using the formulas I use.


  • At-Home Workout Guide – $24.99
  • In-Gym Workout Guide – $24.99
  • Meal Guide (ALONE) – $9.99
  • Macronutrient Guide (ALONE) – $9.99
  • Macronutrient Guide (WITH PURCHASE OF WORKOUT GUIDE) – $4.99

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*Please include your name, the specific guides you’d like, and a brief overview of your goals. Inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours.*